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Information about affiliate marketing ( What , How and Inside of affiliate marketing )

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Our this article, we will discuss about affiliate marketing. I will share you all information about affiliate marketing, like what is affiliate marketing ?, how we can start affiliate marketing ?, what thing we need to start affiliate marketing ?, what is basic requirement of affiliate marketing and so on. Today I will give you answer of this kind of question about affiliate marketing. I hope you all guys can clear your all question about affiliate marketing. I tell you one thing, I will publish all kind of article about digital marketing and it’s related stuff. So if you want to learn and understand digital marketing then you can read our old article and also follow us on Facebook, Instagram or telegram. So let’s start our today’s topic “Affiliate Marketing”



Affiliate marketing is one kind of method which can use to make some earning in real life. Yes it’s true, it’s can make money for you. First of you need to know what is affiliate and what is affiliate marketing ? so let’s understand by example, when we want to buy new house or flat then first of we will search about that apartment or building. After search you contact to dealer or broker to buy apartment. So we all know dealer or broker will contact with owner and fix prize of apartment and broker or dealer get some percentage commission  by buyer. It’s a real life example how affiliate marketing work but our digital marketing industry have concept is same but method is different. So in this industry affiliate marketing is you can sell other big company product, product like anything then company give you some percentage of commission. Example like, we all know about so if you have affiliate account for amazon then you can sell any amazon product and they will give you commission of your selling. This is simple called affiliate marketing.


Now you better understand what is affiliate marketing so you have next question is how I can start affiliate marketing ? so my dear friends let’s clear your second question. If you want to start affiliate marketing then first of you need to clear this question in your mind and question is  what thing or product you can sell ?  or how you can sell it ?. when you clear this two question then you can choose your product and your way for affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing there are so many products or so many path available to archive success but most effective method is in your own creativity. When you do something creative then audience will attract to your product and buy it.

So I tell you some simple  method to start affiliate marketing now but I will give you more effective and creative method for affiliate marketing in future article. First of you need to choose any one platform like E-commerce site, product selling site etc… then you must go to that site or platform and create affiliate account on it. Second step is when you complete to create account then choose any product which you want to sell. After create account  and choosing product you can generate affiliate link to share. Now half of process is completed then main work is start form here..! you have your affiliate product generated link but how you can sell it, so for this task you can you many method as I said. You can create social media account and share affiliate generated link, you can create own website or blog and share link on it. There are many type of way to you can use for affiliate marketing, some method is free and some method is paid.

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So you know about affiliate marketing and how you can start affiliate marketing so now thing about next point. What is requirement for affiliate marketing ? so first of you need to have internet connection, second thing is any kind of machine like Smartphone or laptop but I personally refer a laptop or PC to get effective results. Third thing is you have any platform affiliate account. Next thing you need is one platform which is use to reach your audience. This is main or basic requirement for affiliate marketing. The Checklist of basic requirement is given below

  ü  Internet connection
           ü  Smartphone or laptop
           ü  Affiliate account
           ü  Your own platform for sell product like blog, social media account, YouTube channel etc…
           ü  Own creativity

This is basic thing you must required for start affiliate marketing.


Now days all kind of shopping gone online shopping, people more refer online shopping to compare traditional shopping. Now days they don’t like to go out side and shop and badgering or at all, it’s a waste of time so they more refer online shopping. Trend is going to online shopping then affiliate marketing have definitely future. You also can make future in affiliate marketing but as I always said digital marketing is not one day game, it take time to give result so when you do your work then you get result. Many people think about how much we can make money in affiliate marketing then I honestly tell you there are not any limit to make money. You can make it according to your work but I am sure you can do it, everyone can do it.    



Everyone is have social media account like Facebook or Instagram so you also have it and you also have your friends and followers on them. So this is easiest way to do affiliate marketing using social media. You do nothing, you do just generate link and post them to social media with some product description. That’s it, we will discuss about more in future article so stay tune with us.


I hope you all guys understand about what is affiliate marketing and how you can start affiliate marketing and I also Gauss that you all clear your questions about affiliate marketing. Everyone have to clear in your mind affiliate marketing is not hard process, it’s a very simple process just you do step by step and you defiantly get success in affiliate marketing. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing then follow us, I will give you more information about affiliate marketing and also provide courses for free. Thank you…stay tune…


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