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Information about Blog and Blogging (What, How , Inside Blogging)

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Our this article topic is blogging. In this article I will share you basic information about blogging like what is blogging ?, how can we start blogging ?, what we can doing in blogging ?, can we earn with blogging ? etc… so today I will tell you answer of this kind of question. I hope you can get your  answer about blogging related question from my this article and guys I again tell you we have publish article about digital marketing and other their related article if you want to check out article about digital marketing then click here. So let’s start our article about blogging.



Blogging is a one type of platform which is use to share valuable information, host own website, and also provide content to users. In digital market industry blogging play important role to get more reach to audience. Many users like to learn something new things like learning new language, learning technical skills, learning about history, etc… using reading article. Blogging is one platform where one blogger (admin) can upload some valuable information or content and users can read it also learn from it. We can also see it to one type of way to communicate or interact with your audience. We all have idea about YouTube, so YouTube is one kind of social media or content provider platform then same as blogging is the way to content providing to your user, in YouTube content in videos and blogging have content in written article. So blogging is the way of providing content to your targeted audience. We required any hosting platform to host our blog. Now day two most popular platform for hosting website or blog is given below…
  1.        Blogger
  2.        WordPress

This is best and trusted platform for every blogger they always like to host their blog on this two platform and this kind of platform also provide many useful features or multi types of customization according to your requirements.


Blogging is a way to provide your content to audience. Now question is what is content ? everyone have this kind of question, so I honestly tell you everything is content. You can imagine what is content. Let’s understand with example if someone have interest in technology so he or she have some basic or intermediate level knowledge about technology so he or she just put their knowledge on some document file like word, PDF etc.. and upload to blog, so this kind of information is called content. Same as other people is interested in other fields like cooking, writing, coding, tips or tricks, etc so they have knowledge about their fields so they put information on document and share with other people and audience is called blogging. In simple term inside of blogging is share your valuable information about particular field using website or blog on internet.


Now you have idea about blogging, you know what is blogging and what is inside blogging, so we have next question is how I can start my own blog and how can I start blogging, then don’t worry I will tell you how you can create blog, how you can start blogging and what is requirement for start blogging. Blogging is easy to start for everyone, it’s required small setup and you can start your own blog and do start blogging with your field. First I tell you blogging or create blog both or differing things. Create blog is just a setup for provide your content to audience and blogging is daily publishing your content for your audience, blogging is not just one day game, it’s take time to grow up.

In this article I give information for create blog and start blogging and it’s requirements. So when you want to create blog then first of you must have internet connection, without internet connection you can’t communicate with your audience, second thing have one platform for host blog, if you want to invest money and you have money then I refer to go with WordPress either blogger is best option for each and every beginners in blogging. Once you have internet connection and any hosting platform then next thing is required theme or template for your blog. It’s provide great user interface to your blog. You can you premium theme or free theme for your blog as I said if you have money and you want to use invent then go with premium theme. Next thing you must have is any domain name like .com, .in, .org, etc.. it is very helpful to grow your blog. And last thing is your own content, it is main part of blogging.

I give you checklist for start blogging, the list is given below

ü  Internet connection
ü  Any device like laptop, mobile with internet connection
ü  Hosting platform like WordPress, blogger, etc…
ü  High level domain name like .com, .in, etc…
ü  Theme according your content, any free or premium theme
ü  Your valuable content

You must complete this check list if you want to start your own blog.


Well we also question in our mind why we start blogging ?, what is benefits of blogging, can we make money from it ? you also have this kind of question then my answer is yes, you can make money with blog. Everyone can make money from blogging, it’s simple but as I said blogging is not just one day game it’s take time to give result. Now our question is can we make money using blogging and I give my answer is yes you can, but you don’t know what is way of making money with blogging. In digital marketing many way to make earning using blog like adsence, marketing, selling product etc... We will discuss in future about this topic but my answer of this question is yes, you definitely earn with blogging.



Blogging is just providing information to others, so I don’t think it is hard for you. If you have valuable knowledge about something so you can provide to someone else. You just use one medium to share your valuable content threw blogging. If you have some basic idea about blog then you can start blogging and when you keep doing then you get more and more ideas about blogging


Blog and blogging is part of digital marketing. Blogging is way to provide your content to your audience in article, so one blogger can write any kind of article like cooking pages, software information pages, tutorial pages, what they want they can share information to other is called blogging. Its also help to turn your passion to your earning source. Using blog you can get multiple path to earn in real life, we also discuss about that in future. So now I hope you can understand what is blog and what can do in blogging. If you want to learn blogging then follow us, I will give you more information about digital marketing and also provide courses for free. Thank you…stay tune…



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