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All about social media marketing | Importance of social media marketing digital media

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Our this article’s topic is social media and social media marketing. In this article I will share you basic information about social media marketing and it’s related topics. We all use social media platform now days so everyone is well fear with word social media. In today’ s generation Everyone who have Smartphone or internet connection they are already know what is social media and they also have accounts or profile on them. But there are not all people have marketing or technical knowledge, they use social media as just for fun or may be they know about social media marketing but they don’t know about method for social media marketing. So today we will discuss about social media marketing question like what is actually social media marketing ?, which is best method for social media marketing ?, which platform is best for social media marketing ?, etc…if you what to learn about digital marketing or affiliate marketing then follow us and also our related article. Now Let’s start our this article about social media marketing…



What is social media ? in 2020 I don’t thing you don’t know about social media. Social media is a one kind of platform where influencer or audience are interact with each other and make community. Now day we have many choice to choose social media platform like facebook, instagram, tiktok, twitter, pinterest or so many others. This all great platform to make large community. People use social media account for fun and waist their times. Majority people don’t take benefit from here. In 2020 each and every person can do social marketing and make money from it. Now you may be have question like what is social media marketing ?  so social media marketing is part of social media where you can promote products and do more things in social media marketing. Basically social media marketing is marketing your brand and products with your audience. This is best method to grow your business. So social media marketing is sharing or promoting information about your brand and product with target audience. Main goal of social media marketing reach to more people with your brand.


I think now you can understand what is social media marketing. So next step is you must have knowledge about social media platform. I tell you all about social media platform and how we can use it for marketing. In 2020 we have smart internet or many facilities so we can use many types of social media platform like facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, tiktok and so many others. Each platform have own algorithm and way to communicate with each others. Now day most popular social media platform is facebook , instagram, twitter, whatsapp, telegram, and now tranding tiktok also.

Facebook is social media platform where user can share images, text, videos and also they create their own page or create groups. In facebook group you can join with many other peoples and share informations. In instagram you can share only images or videos, you can’t share text directly. Twitter is social media platform which work little bit same as facebook, here people can share images, videos or text. Whatsapp is messaging platform so here user can share thing using massages. Now days most popular social media or entertainment platform is tiktok, where can user make small entertainment videos and share with public. Here I tell you some little social media platforms but list is so long, you can choose your platform according to your targeted audience and your products. Its depend on you, I give you one advice to choose platform is you must  comfortable with your platform.


Now you have idea about social media and social media platform for marketing so now we talk about how we can do social media marketing and how we can archive in this. Friends social media marketing is not magic, which you make successful suddenly. This is a one method or way for success, its  take time but give result according your work. When you want to successful in social media marketing then you should have follow some steps, which is given below:

ü  Content planning
When you want to start social media marketing then you should have clear about content and you should clear about your targeted audience. You have to pre planning for your content for few days. First thing to do in social media marketing is create own content and content is must be unique to attract your audience and also your content is informative for your audience.

ü  Regular update
Regular update is important as your content. If you have planed you content and its already created then you should be regular update with your audience. For regular update you should make timetable and follow it because when you update your content then your audience will understand your timing and also react with your content.

ü  Make your brand image
Whenever you thing about social media marketing then first thing is coming in our mind is about bread. So if you want to successful in social media then you should make your image like a brand. You need to one logo with slogan and your niche related content. Brand is always get success in social media marketing because people can trust on branded content.

ü  Content sharing
Share content with your audience. When you give your valuable knowledge to your audience then they will defiantly come to you and they follow on social media. So share your ideas and your content with your audience.

ü  Sharing links
When you use multi platform for social media marketing then you should share one platform link with other platform like one you have facebook page or other you have youtube channel then you should share your youtube link to facebook page and also give information about your facebook page on youtube channel. This method can increase your reach in both platforms.

ü  Target your niche
Social media is very large and here is every kind of people come like students, engineers, doctors, blogger etc… so you should choose your niche and you must target your niche related audience , it give you another level benefits on social media marketing.

ü  Make own community
When you promote your website or product on social media then you always keep in mind, you should update with each and every possible platform. You can make groups, pages, multi profiles etc…  



So Social media and social media marketing both or important for digital marketing. I hope now you have clear your doubts about social media marketing  and its helpful for you. If you want to learn social media marketing  then follow us, I will give you more information about digital marketing and social media marketing  or so many other things also provide courses for free. Thank you…stay tune…


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