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How to create your first blog on blogger

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Our today’s topic is how to create your first blog on blogger. We also discuss about blog customization and theme implement to your blog. Before you start you should have some basic knowledge about blogging or blog. In this tutorial we will cover all basic questions about blogging related, so without wasting more time let’s start…


WHAT IS BLOG OR BLOGGING ?                                                                                                                                 
When ever you want to start career in blogging then you should have some information about blog or blogging. Blog is one kind of platform which is use to provide some valuable information about particular topic to your audience  and blogging is method of share your blog with your audience. Basically blogging is , if you have some information or knowledge about any topic then you put in text format and share with your audience using website is called blogging.


Now you have idea about blog and blogging then you have next question is how to create my own first blog. May be you are new here and you don’t know how to create blog, so don’t worry about it. Today I will give you all information about how to create blog. First thing is you can create your own blog free or paid method. Both method have own benefits like you want to create blog only for learning purpose then you should go with free method and if you want to make money form blog then you should follow paid methods because free method has some limitations and paid method is give more flexibility to grow up.

If you want to go with free method then its so simple, you can follow some step and some requirements. So first of you create blog using free method then you can use google product blogger, it is the best option for all. So you should have one platform, one custom top level domain, content, theme, gmail account, and some other tools for manage your blog or content. If you want to follow paid method then you have platform like wordpress, custom top level domain, hosting plans for host your blog, business email account, some some basic tools.

Now today I talk about how to create your first blog on blogger, so you should our given step one by one and get ready your blog:

Step 1 – make gmail account

When you want to start new blog then you must have new gmail account and login into chrome browser using new gmail account.

Step 2 – sign in into blogger using gmail account

After create new gmail account you have to follow second step, our second step is now go to and login with that new gmail account.

Step 3 – create new blog

When you had to login then they ask for new blog, so you have to click on create new blog button.

Step 4 – enter your unique blog name

After click on button they ask for your blog name. without name blog can’t created so you have to enter some unique blog name according to your topic.

Step 5 – create new post

After create blog you have to open blogger dashboard, now you click on create new post then you can give some title or content on that page.

Step 6 – publish your post

After putting content on page you have to click on publish.

So this way you can create your first blog on blogger free. I hope you can understand this step and it will help you. This kind of blog is very simple blog. You also can much more changes to make it professional blog. Every blogger have to changes like add custom domain name, premium theme implement, seo or much more thing. We will discuss all topic about this in future article so don’t worry and stay tune with us and don’t forget to follow us on social media.


Every blogger want to rank their blog on top position and make look like professional. If you also make your blog look like professional then you  have to do some changes on your blog. First thing is you need to buy some top level domain name for your blog, you can buy it on godaddy or other online store. Second thing is you have to premium theme or template for your blogger.

So first thing is when you create your blog then it will create with url so this is not look like professional then you should have your own top level domain name and add your own top level domain name in blogger. This is look like some level of professional. Your blog’s look is also matter of your visitors and looks give them positive or negative impact on them. So you must have to make your blog look as professional website or blog. If you want to make your blog professional then you should have premium template or theme for your blog. So  for changing your blog looks then first download premium theme and open it. Now you can open .xml file of blogger template and copy code them to go blogger and theme section and click on edit html and paste code here. Now next step is go to blogger dashboard and go to layout section on blogger and you can add or remove blog widget according to your requirement. Now click on save changes and open your blog. Now you can see your blog is fully customized and also look like professional blog.


When you start blogging then I recommend to all of you to use some basic tools which is useful or also helpfiul in blogger  career. Some of them I also use and list of tools is given below:

  • Text editor
  • Image editor
  • Google keep
  • Sticky note


Why blogger is best option for beginners ? so my personal thought about blogger is first thing is, it is google product and it also user friendly anyone can access it easily so if you are beginner in blogging field then may be you have some miss knowledge about it. But blogger is one of best platform for beginners and Also helpful for them. Main thing is everyone can’t afford paid platform so they can use it free. So blogger is best option for beginners.



Now I hope you all know about how to create your first blog on blogger. Guys blog customization is very big topic , I don’t think it will cover in one article so I will publish more article about blog customization. You all guys can follow us on social media. Here we are provide many type of information about digital marketing and other stuff. So stay tune with us… thank you.



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