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What is Content marketing | All information about content markting

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In today’s article we will discuss about content marketing and also discuss your question about content marketing like what is content marketing ?, what is inside of content marketing ?, how we can do content marketing ?, tools of content marketing , etc … if you also have any doubt then you should read this article, you definitely get your answer. So let’s start today’s topic



When you want to know what is content marketing, first you have basic knowledge content. So what is content. Simply I said content is everything. In our digital industry without content nothing possible so content is king of digital marketing. Now you have question what is content, content is one kind of information about your brand or product. It can be in text, image, videos, or audio. You can understand with example, when you start website about some food then you will publish some information about food so that information is content for your site, second example is someone have youtube channel about technology then they publish videos about technology, so that kind of video is content for youtube channel. In simple word content is information of your brand or product. Now we talk about content marketing, what is content marketing ?  now you have idea about content right, so content marketing is make reachable your content to audience. When you share your content on social media, youtube channel, blog or website, email marketing is all is content marketing. Content is you product information and content marketing is share your content to your audience.


Now you have idea about content and content marketing so you have next question is what is inside of content marketing ? so guy I said as content is everything and is also available everywhere. Basically content have many forms like images, videos, audios, text. Etc… that means whatever happen, you should reach to your audience with your valuable information. Type of content is given below:

Your content is may be in audio format. When you what to start your podcast channel then you have to record your product information in audio format and make it your content. So audio formatted content is use in podcast channels.

You can also make your content  as video format. When you what to share your product information with live demonstration so you can record video about it make it content or share on social media and do content marketing.

Some popular social media platform have support only image as content then you must have to make you content as image. Like you want to share your content on pinterest or instagram then you must have content in image format.

Some people have own website or also have large number of audience then they want to share content on their website.  Blogger or website have content in text format. Using this kind content you can reach large number of peoples.

Here I give some main format content, many other types also available like logo, infographics or many more types of content. 


Now we talk about how you can do content marketing ? so basically content marketing is share your content with audience with different methods. Every social media influencer or digital marketer have own content but they need to audience to respond on their content so they can use different methods for marketing. For example one blogger have own blog with content but without audience they can’t do anything so first they want to get traffic on blog. Now for traffic they use multi methods like they can share blog on social media, do email marketing, or many other thing.
If you want to do content marketing then you can use many types of method like social media sharing, make podcast, make videos on youtube, do email marketing and so many other effective methods. I hope it will help you.


When even you start content marketing then you must follow some strategy for it. Because without planning its not work anymore. Then strategy list is given below and you should follow it:

Know your audience
in content marketing first thing is you must know about your content and have know your audience like what is need of your audience, what kind of content they would like, why they follow you or so on. So first thing is know your audience.

Target your audience
When you know about your content or audience they second step is you need to target audience with content. Let’s understand with example, if you have large number of audience and may be they have different requirements like some want to know about digital marketing then some other want website building so in this kind of scenario you first target your audience then provide your content to them which they want.

Build your content
After targeting your audience you should build your content for different platform like facebook, instagram, youtube etc… you can build your content as text file, audio file, video content, image content so much others. Your content is must be unique or attractive from others.

Share content to audience
When you done to know your audience or build content then final step is reaching to your audience. You can reach to your audience with many methods like social media, email marketing, paid marketing or many more. You just have to post your content and make available for your audience.


Many kind of tools are available for content marketing, it will very  useful for you. Some of them is given below:

  ü  Question DB
  ü  Mixkit
  ü  Buzzsumo
  ü  Ahref   
  ü  Similae web
  ü  Sharethis
  ü  Buffer
  ü  Canva or so many free or paid tools

This is some tools for content marketing which is very useful to digital marketing industry.



Now I hope you all know about what is content or content marketing and you also have idea about what is inside of content marketing. Guys content marketing is very big topic , I don’t think it will cover in one article so I will publish more article about content marketing. You all guys can follow us on social media. Here we are provide many type of information about digital marketing and other stuff. So stay tune with us… thank you.


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